The ‽verse is a newly generated verse made by Sir. ‽, which is part of the second generation. It was made when a bunch of strange elements (secret) were melted and poured into a bucket. This mixture was then solidified. Unfortunately, a man named Uni-cow thought it was pudding and ate the substance. He exploded, creating a whole new verse.

This verse consists of huge interrobangs and rocks. Also, animals you'll find in a farm (cow, chicken, etc.) are found everywhere here. The ‽ Committee's hideout is a barn located on the biggest rock (with its own atmosphere) named "The Stone Bang".

Asterism Region Edit

The Asterism Region is a special section in the ‽verse, that is currently controlled by Mr. Asterism. Bob and the other leaders of the Infinitiverse are trying to persuade him to give the land back to Sir. ?!, but he always says he will pour melted titanium on them.