The Activity Status essentially shows how active you are on the wiki.


  • You receive this status once you become an administrator.
  • Those with this status are to be treated with respect. Those who do not treat administrators with respect will receive the Suspicious status.

Hard Worker

  • If you've been working really hard around the clock and taking minimal breaks, you can receive this status.
  • Those who recieve this status usually become good friends with the administrators and are eligible to become one.


  • New users are assigned this status automatically.
  • This status shows that you have done a reasonable amount of work and that you are helpful.


  • Users that only do cleanup work (work that involves fixing spacing errors or spelling mistakes) will receive this status.
  • This status shows that you are trying to appear helpful but really aren't.

Note: If you are not creating new pages but you're still adding plenty of content to other pages, you will be considered an active user.


  • Users with reduced activity over a period of a few days receive this status.
  • This status shows that you are unhelpful and have not done much work.

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