Agent Broque is an agent at the Animal Agents Agency (even though he's not officially an animal). He's basically the worst agent (which is why he's always last in command). He looks very similar to Mr. Broque but he's an agent. He has a big, black, "secret", button to open his secret compartment with all his special gadgets. You can see the gadgets in the Other things section.

General Information
Height 6' 2"
Age 34
Gender Male
Species Homo broques


Agent Broque was created a little after Mr. Broque.

Character HistoryEdit

Agent Broque went to kindergarden with Mr. Broque. He joined the AAA 12 years ago as 4th in command (out of 4 agents). Now, every time a new agent joins, Agent Broque is moved down a rank. Agent Broque is just a leftover agent, usally assigned to Mr. Evilsnail.

Other thingsEdit

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