The Alternatehistoryverse is a strange, strange place. Hopelessly entangled with the 5th dimension, nobody really knows if it should be explored fully. Most inhabitants of the Alternatehistory verse live on the edge of the half inside the infinitiverse. Even so, everyone seems to be affected by the strangeness.

Suppose a train whacks a guy waving to you.

If you were in the infinitiverse, you'd see a train whack a guy waving to you.

If you were in the Alternatehistoryverse, you might see

  • A guy whack a train waving to you
  • A train waving at you whacking a guy
  • A guy waving at you whacking a train
  • Yourself whack yourself waving at yourself
  • ...

So it's pretty strange.

Although if you try to leave, you have to be in the correct timeline in the fifth dimension, otherwise you'll emerge somewhere like

  • A timeline where everyone lives in the Nonexistaverse
  • A timeline where the world is a cube
  • A timeline where there is antigravity
  • A timeline that runs in reverse
  • A timeline where it always rains
  • A timeline where the official currency is lollipops
  • ...

So make sure to leave through the correct timeline.

Known Accesible HistoriesEdit

Election PositionEdit

In one alternate history, everyone votes for Bob. In another, everyone votes for Mr. Amazingpresident. We'll just have to wait to see which one happens.

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