Anna Mari is a doll created by doll creator. She is his/her first work and was created in a hurry, resulting her imperfection. She cannot talk because her mouth was just an outline by doll creator and she has an uneven ponytail. However, she led a revolution and she and her fellow dolls escaped the universe and explored another (They do not know what is the name of the universe). They built a kingdom in there called "Dollacuix"  and hailed her as queen and founder.


She looks like an old doll with faded skin color and cracked skin because she's made out of porceline. Her hair is orange and she has an uneven ponytail, which symbolizes royalty in her kingdom.

Strangely, she has white, uncolored eyes. She wears a whole dress with unusual dull sea green stripes. The cracks were caused when she tried to speak and open her mouth.

She was considered as a failure doll due to her unflattering appearance. Due to this, she began to rule as a tyrant and  never lets anyone consider her as that again.


Ana Mari