The Bi-State area is a section of land that is divided into two parts. Jo Evil has the western half and Joe has the eastern half.

On Jo Evil's side, the economy is wonderful and prosperous with a complete market economy. There is also a hospital and eight Mixed Culture Schools. Half of the land goes towards the commercial living area. Jo Evil Zincorporated is located here. It is certainly nowhere near the amazingness of the Wniverse, but at least far better than the eastern half.

On Joe's side, there are pollution factories and a single Joeschool. There is no water, no vegetation, and no oxygen. What leftover space there is goes to the 6 sq. in. plot of land set aside for the commercial living area. Joe Evil Zincorporated is located here. They only eat Joecereal .

On an additional note, P-man and F-guy live on Jo Evil's side of the Bi-State area.