Birdette is the secretary at Technopark. Most of the time she follows Mr. B around to keep him calm and answers phone calls. Outside of work she tags along with Birdley on his "adventures" and participates in some of them. She also knows how to make coffee (perhaps the most important).

General Information
Height 6' 1"
Age 22
Gender Female
Species Homo anthropromorphis
Base Character Margaret


Character HistoryEdit

Birdette got the job as secretary in April 2008, shortly after Birdley was hired.

Mr. Delightful's NotesEdit

  • Talks quickly at work.
  • Enjoys spending time with Birdley.
  • Drinks coffee.
  • Eats coffee cake.
  • Has had an affair before.

Other Things/Trivia & SchtuufEdit

  • She has a gray stripe on both sides of her head.
  • She knows that Birdley likes her.
  • She likes Birdley. Secretly.




Love InterestsEdit

  • Birdley
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