Birdley is an employee at Technopark. He works for Mr. B. Every Friday he gets the donuts for the weekly meeting and retrieves the mail. He takes responsibility for any mistakes he makes and helps Randy with his job. Birdley slacks off occasionally but makes up for it later. He often visits Birdette during his lunch break.

General Information
Height 6' 3"
Age 23
Gender Male
Species Homo anthropromorphis
Base Character Mordecai




Added in stage 3 with Mr. B.

Character HistoryEdit

Birdley became friends with Randy at age 5.

He started working for Technopark in 2008.

Mr. Delightful's NotesEdit

  • Obviously has a relationship with Birdette.
  • Is best friends with Randy.
  • Does Randy's job for him sometimes.
  • Drinks coffee.

Other Things/Trivia & SchtuufEdit

  • He has a short black stripe on both sides of his head.
  • He likes Birdette. A lot.
  • Randy is his best friend.
  • His only problem is his love interests. He can't take the next step.
  • Goes on "adventures" with his friends when not working.
  • He knows C++ as a result of Randy lying to get the job.
  • He used to work at GasMart with Mr. B until he got a job at Technopark.
  • Soggy Oat Nuts is Birdley's favorite cereal.




Love InterestsEdit

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