The Bronze Corral was the cheapest restaurant in Savannah. Everyone who went on the Low-Budget 8th Grade Savannah Field Trip had to eat here for all meals. The only exception was at Fort Cheapson, but the food was catered from Bronze Corral. They also cater to plenty of places like Medieval Hours.

Bronze Corral DetailsEdit

Rules and SignsEdit

  • Be courteous to the environment and reuse your plate/napkin/piece of paper.
  • SCORE: 69.5, C- -

Bronze Corral StatisticsEdit

  • The floors were littered with garbage.
  • There were no chairs.
  • There were no plates, napkins, or utensils, only a piece of paper.
  • The tables were overly high and designed for high chairs.
  • The food smelled awful.
  • There were cheap lighting fixtures on the ceiling.
  • They had Grandpa Cookies for you to eat at the end. They were made from both real and artificial grandpas.

Bronze Corral Customer-Table ArrangementEdit