This was the place attendees had to stay between activities during the Low-Budget 8th Grade Savannah Field Trip.

The rooms at the cheap hotel were really cheap. It's difficult to have a cheaper room in a cheaper hotel. There were six people to a room.

Hotel DetailsEdit

Hotel StatisticsEdit

  • The hotel had six rooms in it, but for the field trip, they only rented two.

Room StatisticsEdit

  • The entire rooms were 60 square feet each.
  • The rooms had two twin beds.
  • The rooms had a radio table with a 40's radio on top of it.
  • The "bathroom" was just a transparent curtain covering some of the room.
    • There was a hole for a toilet.
    • There was an excuse for a shower.
      • The shower had a hairy soap bar and dirty recycled water.
  • The rooms had a dirty window and a door that looked like it was going to fall off its hinges.

Room OccupantsEdit

Room 1Edit

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