The Clockinator was developed by Joe but isn't very good at telling the time.

Symbols and Symbol PlacementEdit

Outer RingEdit

  • Between where 1 and 2 would be is a V.
  • Slightly below the location of where 3 would be is 4.
  • At the position of 6 there is Q.
  • At the position of 7 there is 6.
  • At the position of 9 there is 1.
  • Between the positions of 10 and 11 is a square.
  • At the position of 12 is 9.

Inner RingEdit

  • At the position of 2 is a circle.
  • Between the positions of 11 and 12 is G.
  • At the position of 4 is J.
  • At the position of 8 is a triangle.


  • There's a card attached to the outside where 1 would be depicting an L.
  • It has one hand which moves very quickly.

We should probably add a picture to clear up some things, but we don't actually feel like it. So, you can use the above clues and draw one yourself