Darth Flower is an evil flower and was the villain primarily during Stage 0. He lives on the Death Flower and is always threatened by his enemy Luke Flowerwalker. His Death Flower was eventually blown up by Bob. His height is 6'3" and he is 85 years old.
Darth Flower

Darth Flower

General Information
Height 6'3"
Age 85
Gender Male

Flowres ordinari

Base Character Darth Vader


Darth Flower doesn't really have much special history. He used to be Anacan Flowerwalker (yes, I mean it), then he turned evil, blah blah blah... we all know that story (hopefully).

Other thingsEdit

  • Darth Flower accidentally tripped over a grain of sand and spilled chocolate milk all over the emperor who is allergic to chocolate milk. That's why there is no emperor in the Death Flower.
  • He has his own army of toilet troopers.
  • He likes chocolate milk and (secretly) Goodbye Kitty products.
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