This status shows if you are well behaved or not on the wiki. A higher Activity Status might raise your discipline status.


  • All users who have not done anything bad get this status


  • Those who violate the rules for the first time receive this status.
  • You can also receive this status for being disrespectful towards an administrator.
  • This status shows you are not to be trusted until you prove yourself.


  • Those who violate the rules a second time receive this status.
  • This status shows you're asking for it and you'll get it if you don't stop.


  • Those who violate the rules a third time receive this status. Then they are blocked.
  • This status shows that you are at risk for being Shamed.


  • Those who are sent to the Hall of Shame receive this status. This means that they have committed a Tier IV crime and are gone forever, never to return.


  • Meerschweinchen2222
  • Mr. Dinosaur
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