Joecars have changed a lot over the last 120 years.


  • The Joecar is invented by Joe.
  • It doesn't have a bottom.
  • It has wheels.
  • It is powered by the driver.


  • The hole in the bottom is removed.
  • A steering wheel is added.
  • Due to (purposefully) unforseen circumstances, it can only be powered from the outside.


  • Walls are added to the car so that the steering wheel costs less to install.
  • It is still immobile without outside help.


  • The inside is sealed off completely with the addition of a ceiling.
  • The ability to make pollution is added.
  • The ability to go inside the car is removed.


  • Due to public pleas, a window is added so you can see inside the permanently sealed Joecar.
  • The amount of pollution produced is increased.


  • Due to popular demand, a door is added to the car, allowing entry.
  • The amount of pollution produced increases further.


  • Utilizing ideas borrowed from the Carinator, the car now comes equipped with a security system!
  • The security system is composed of the buttons 0 and 1, only one of which will unlock the car, and you get three tries.