The Geography Bee took place in 2001 at Mixed Culture School. The questions were given in order of skill level. Other bees that took place in nearby years can be found here.


Level -1Edit

  1. Where does this bee take place?
  2. What's your name?
  3. Are you participating in this bee?

Level 0Edit

  1. Which state starts with an "A": Alaska or Utah?
  2. Which state is farthest north: Texas or Maine?
  3. Which state is in the middle of an ocean: Hawaii or Colorado?

Level 1Edit

  1. Which state is located on the west coast: Nevada or California?
  2. Which state's capital starts with an "A": Georgia or Kentucky?
  3. Which state is closest to a Great Lake: Michigan or Missouri?

Level 2Edit

  1. Which state produces the most corn?
  2. How many states start with a "W"?
  3. How many states were there in 1874?

Level 3Edit

  1. How many days of the year does Ohio freeze over?
  2. How many peanuts does Georgia export daily?
  3. What is the circumference of the Earth around the Tropic of Cancer?

Level 4Edit

  1. How many countries did the world have in 1455?
  2. How many cities in the world have more than three syllables in their names?
  3. What day of the week did the Earth form?

Level 5Edit

  1. How many times does a neutrino pass from under the ground into the air above Colorado each second?
  2. What was the mass of Anarctica's ice shelf 328 Tuesdays ago?
  3. How many seconds will it take for the population of the Earth to reach 462 trillion at the current rate?


The winner was Bob, who got every question right.

The runner-up was Mr. Amazingatgeography, who got evey question but the last two right.

Joe didn't even know that he was participating.