The Historical Bee took place in 1999 at Mixed Culture School. The questions were given in order of skill level. Other bees that took place in nearby years can be found here.

Example QuestionsEdit

Level -1Edit

  • What year is this bee taking place?
  • What year were you born?
  • How long was the 30-year war?

Level 0Edit

  • Who won the Civil War?
  • What country did the U.S. achieve independence from?
  • Rounded to the nearest hundred years, how old is the U.S.?

Level 1Edit

  • What year did World War II start?
  • What side was the U.S. on in World War I?
  • On which day was the Declaration of Independence signed?

Level 2Edit

  • How long was the Civil War?
  • What year was slavery outlawed?
  • What country did Leonardo Da Vinci live in for most of his life?

Level 3Edit

  • How long was Fort Sumter fired at before it surrendered?
  • Who founded Georgia?
  • How long was William Harrison in office?

Level 4Edit

  • How many people died of the Plague?
  • How many days is France old?
  • How many northern troops died in the Civil War?

Level 5Edit

  • How old, in seconds, is Earth?
  • What time of day did the War of 1812 start?
  • How many living beings have died since the beginning of the Infinitiverse?


Bob won the Historical Bee. He got every question right.

The runner-up was Mr. Amazingathistory who got every one but the last one.

Joe didn't know what year it was.