The Infiniplex 413 is a computer designed for only one purpose: running literally everything on a hard drive.

Why It ExistsEdit

Nobody knows, but not a single person has asked him, mainly because he doesn't exist.


The Secret Creator discovered it recently in a structure in the Secretiverse. It is believed to have been found where it was due to a time shenanigan that had yet to happen. It was initally kept secret but Mr. Journalist wouldn't stop bugging Mr. Know about it. Usually Mr. Know is very secretive about future events, but he knew he was going to leak the information to Mr. Journalist that day, so he did.

Mr. Journalist immediately called Mr. Interview over.

Soon the information was out to the public and The Secret Creator made a public announcement, which said the Infiniplex 413 belonged to The Chairman from this day forth, because of a really old sticker on the bottom of the computer.

Quickly the Infiniplex 413 became the main topic of many a political debate in most verses that knew about it. The Meniverse broke out into anarchy, but that isn't very unusual.

Bob had to step in and assure everyone that things were going to be fine. The Chairman even made a PSA that said he was not going to tamper with anything (but he lied). The Nonexistence Committee was set up in secret.

Careful precautions have been made to ensure nothing catastrophic happens. Infinite backup generators have been supplied to the Nonexistence Committee for this reason.