Jo Evil is an evil mastermind but he's only 14. He still goes to Joeschool. He is almost as evil as Joe but a lot smarter. His IQ is somewhere around 170 (Joe's IQ times 10) and he creates inventions primarily ending in -machine 2000. As soon as he invented his first -machine 2000, which was called The Machine 2000, (yes, he's an evil genius but not the best at making up names), Agent T. Nega has been assigned to him and has managed to stop him most of the time.

General Information
Height 5'5"
Age 14
Gender Male
Species Homo ordinari
Jo Evil

Jo Evil

Character HistoryEdit

There is a big secret story involving fountains of youth, evil, old doctors, murder, mutated clones and Joe but we'll tell you about that some other time. Plus, you might not be the clearance level yet to hear about it so be patient and wait and wait and wait and wait... (ho ho ho).

Other thingsEdit

  • Jo Evil is the best student in Joeschool (by far).
  • He lives in the Jo Evil Zincorporated building (not to be confused with Joe Evil Zincorporated) which is also the name of the company he owns. Unlike Joe, he has a lot of money and the building is all his.
  • His coffee machine's name is Catherine, who is the sister of Katherine over at Mr. B's building.
  • He is sometimes annoyed by Joe's stupidity.
  • He's a bit small on this picture; He's bigger in real life..
  • He doesn't like coffee anyways but he has his coffee machine to provide important guests with coffee (that's not Joe) and to pull out a weapon if there is someone trying to break in (that's Joe).
  • He is still rivaling Joe in a competition for most evil and best evil overlord of the Bi-State Area. This battle has been going on for 13 years, but Jo Evil says, "It keeps life interesting".
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