Joe is the most evil person in the infinitiverse. He is 5' 11" and is fond of the phrase "ho ho ho". His head size increases depending on how evil his behavior is. On top of that, he is stupid. He is 28 (as of January 13, 2015) and invents things that don't usually work unless they actually do something nice or useless. He carries around two guns (usually one empty and one fake) to scare and (not really) kill people with. His inventions' names always end in "inator" and usually have negative reprocussions on him. His plans are foiled 9 times out of 10 by Berri or himself. Joe also has an enormous amount of things that are either useless or harmful that he invents (like his Water-based thermometer or Joeshampoo).

General Information
Height 5' 11"
Age 28
Gender Male
Species Homo ordinari


Not much to say here.

Joe first apppeared in stage one of Bob's development near the end when Darth Flower was the only villian and it was boring to continuously have to use him.

Joe hasn't changed much since then but he is getting more sophisticated and can now count to 6 without problems.

Character HistoryEdit

At the age of -1, Joe, who is secretly a [CL7 (ho ho ho)] is finished with the process of [CL7 (ho ho ho)]. What does this mean?

At the age of 14, Joe declares war on Jo Evil for control of the Bi-State Area.

At the age of 24, Joe founds Joeschool, Joe Evil Zincorporated, and Joe's Useless Sandwiches.

In May 2012, he tried to invade the Pooriverse.

Other Things/TriviaEdit


Joe has invented many inators over the years. You can find the list of Joe's inventions here.

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