Lawrence is a bully, to say the least. He is the motive behind Mr. B's backstory. Lawrence drinks tea but hates coffee. He works at Technopark as the doorman/janitor/trash collector guy. He is significantly underpaid and mistreated by Mr. B but he can't find a different job.

General Information
Height 6' 7"
Age 37
Gender Male
Species Homo ordinari


Character HistoryEdit

Lawrence went to Mixed Culture School . Much to Mr. B 's disappointment, he was in every class with him for 14 years.

Mr. Delightful 's NotesEdit

  • Unkind to everyone.
  • A big turkey on the inside.

Other Things/Trivia & SchtuufEdit

  • Lawrence, not suprisingly, is Mr. B's least favorite employee.
  • Mr. B yells at him the most.
  • His office is located in the basement.
  • Once Lawrence even punched Dave 's head off during Bring Your Friend To Work Day and Dave had to go to the hospital.



  • None


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