The meniverse is a verse designed for Joe. Its capital is E-ville. The air is polluted by default and every day is a Tuesday. It is divided into ten eight districts (nine and ten belong to the Otherverse). Joe's efforts to pollute the atmosphere are increasingly successful.

You will get drafted to live here if your Nicescale rating goes below 30. All attendees must go through 19 years of school and 6 years of Joecollege (at least). You are required to take another year of Joecollege as Joe gets older.

You can only work at a factory that makes pollution. They then sell this pollution to people for money. Or you can work on a Joefarm (there's only one called "The Hills of Italy"). There they make poisonous potatoes.

The Otherverse was created accidentally when Joe used a plastic knife to cut a border between under and overpolluted areas. The Otherverse got away and now lives happily.

The citizens of the Meniverse have an average of -12 dollars in their wallets. In the Meniverse, they have a money cycle. Citizens with negative money can put their negative money (with an equal amount of positive money) into the government negative money removal building. There, they give the positive and negative money to Joe's bank account. Then, Joe pockets the positive money and puts the negative money in other peoples' wallets when they aren't looking. That is the money cycle.

The unemployment rate in the Meniverse is 98%. 1.99% work in a factory and .01% are or work for Joe.

The negative money system actually was a good idea (Joe didn't come up with it). When you need a loan, they give you $0 (the positive loan and the negative loan). You can then spend the positive money but then you have to worry about the negative money.

Negative money is dark purple in color. It has a negative value, as the name implies.

Getting fired is probably the best thing that can happen to you in the Meniverse. You don't have to pay money to work anymore. You still have to pay taxes, though. It's usually $12 per electronVolt.

Maximum wage is $.05 an hour.

The average income is $-60 an hour.

Election  PositionEdit

Joe forces you to vote for someone other than Bob or he shoots you so the position here is obvious.

Bob: 0%

Mr. Amazingpresident: 100%

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