Mr. Brock is the older brother of Mr. Broque. He is basically the opposite of his brother. He is strong, heroic, and popular. He is a policeman and is assigned to the toughest jobs. He wears a regular tie and is the captain of the Brockteam which is doing really well in the infinitiverse soccer league.
Mr. Brock

Mr. Brock

General Information
Height 6' 4"
Age 35
Gender Male

Brockus ordinari

Character HistoryEdit

At age 4, he beat up the high school bully to help a bullied kid.

He became a policeman at age 23. In his first year, he was just a traffic guy and handed out speeding tickets (mainly to Mr. Frityy)

He married Mrs. Brock at age 27.

Mr. Brock Jr. was born when he was 29.

Other ThingsEdit

  • He has another sister named Mrs. Brick.
  • He was offered the position of a police chief (the guy that sits in his office all day) but refused the position because it was too boring.
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