Mr. Broque's full name is Charles Broque. He is 6' 2" and is cool and 34 years old. Mr. Broque also has a dog named Broggy. He owns a gear shop now, which isn't very successful (due to lack of customers). He is generally scared of many things and has every wimpy award since 1991 (except 1997). He secretly likes Mrs. Broque, but he's too wimpy to tell her. Mr. Broque is also not a very fast runner. At top speed, he can reach 3.2 mph and his average speed is 2.8 mph. He's been drafted into the military and by his personality, you know that that probably didn't end well. Also, every Thanksgiving, Mr. Accuse accuses him of murdering the turkey.
Mr. Broque

Mr. Broque

General Information
Height 6' 2"


Gender Male
Species Brockus ordinari


Mr. Broque was added fairly early into Bob History and is still there.

Character HistoryEdit

After kindergarten, he went to school with Agent Broque, Bob, and Joe, among other kids. The other classes after that did not go well. He did 11th grade twice and 12th grade three times. He can't even spell very well. At age 21 (when he finished school), he got his first car, his first house, and his first real mustache. He was drafted at age 23 for the war of the squares against the triangles and then fired from the military 2 weeks later for cowardice.

Other Things/TriviaEdit

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