Mr. Broquesupporter is a person who has a broque head. He is the only known one of his species so it is considered a defect.  However, Mr. Broquesupporter strongly believes that he is a member of the broque species.

Mr. Broquesupporter is Mr. Broque's best friend. He has accompanied him on many occasions such as the Low-Budget 8th Grade Savannah Field Trip they had in 8th grade.

General Information
Height 6' 2.5"
Age 34
Gender Male
Species Homo ordinari (probably)
Mr. Broquesupporter

Mr. Broquesupporter

Other ThingsEdit

  • Mr. Broquesupporter has committed crimes for the benefit of the broque species such as graffiti and firework displays.
  • He has been on the run from many policebrocks for a long time.
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