Mr. Cat is an ugly excuse for a cat. Some even theorize that Mr. Cat is a picture Mr. Horribleatdrawing drew on a cardboard cutout.

Mr. Cat

Mr. Cat

General Information

2' 4"

Age 20
Gender Male

Felis cardboardus


Mr. Cat was the second character ever to exist in The First Bob Comics.

Character HistoryEdit

Mr. Cat was bought (supposedly) by Bob at the age of 1.

Other Things/TriviaEdit

  • Mr. Cat has lived with Bob for 19 years.
  • Bob isn't fond of him. He actually killed Mr. Cat over 5 times (in Stage 0).
  • When Bob became nicer in the later stages, he was forced to at least be a little nicer to Mr. Cat. That rule didn't apply to Mr. Cat however, who still tried to kill Bob every time he came home
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