Mr. Delayed is a very dangerous man. He is just as capable as anyone else in the workforce except for the fact that everything he does happens slightly later than it should. In spite of this, he has learned to adapt to it and in fact is an expert at activities that require perfect timing, such as rhythm games and gymnastics.

Unfortunately, he decided to wreak havoc with his newfound timing flexibility. Under the guise of many different aliases (a high order crime), Mr. Delayed was able to infiltrate several jobs that required high precision, obtain the trust of his coworkers, and critically screw up the timing of something important at the last second. For instance:

  • During a nuclear detonation test, Mr. Delayed pressed his button half a second late and the bomb sailed up into the air and back down into its launch pad. Thankfully, everyone survived (though that includes Mr. Delayed) but billions of dollars in research were lost that day.
  • As a taxi cab driver, Mr. Delayed approached a red light but stopped a little too late and was hit in the intersection. The cab had to be scrapped, but Mr. Delayed crashed four more taxis the same week before he was fired.
  • Responsible for the coordination of a birthday party, Mr. Delayed threw it the day after. He then gave the present of expired coupons and a ticket for a cruise that left the same morning. Also, the coffee was cold. Truly, Mr. Delayed is an evil man.
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