Mr. Epic is the most epic person in the infinitiverse (or so he thinks). He appeared in the Bobcomics when he was in stage 1. Later, he was the inventor of Epicircles. He is very tall but not that old. He officially belongs to the bighead species, just like his cousin Mr. Bighead.
Mr. Epic

Mr. Epic

General Information
Height 7' 5"
Age 22
Gender Male
Species Homo bighedus


Stage 0 - Mr. Epic was just a face called the epic face, invented by another student, who was eventually metamorphosed into the current Mr. Epic by Mr. Euqorb.

Stage 1 - Mr. Epic appeared in the Bobcomics. At that point, he thought that he was the most epic person in the world. The only way to defeat him was to say "You're unepic". Bob defeated him twice this way.

Stage 2 - Mr. Epic became epic for real and invented Epicircles, which are epic right now as displayed on the Cereal Sales Chart.

Character HistoryEdit

Mr. Epic became epic as soon as he was born (at the current stage)

He invented Epicircles when he was 17.

Other thingsEdit

  • He is more epic than you! (don't be offended; Mr. Epic is the most epicerest in the world)
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