Mr. Evilsnail is (as his name says) an evil snail. He is not particularly dangerous and is very slow. He eats snail food and he primarily fights with Agent Broque. His inventions always end in -snailinatormachinething. His most recent invention was the Ballofjunksnailinatormachinething which was a big ball of junk that he found in a garbage can. He was being really evil by throwing it at people (since he doesn't have any hands, it wasn't very dangerous) and Agent Broque had to ensue on the challenging task to stop him (trust me: It's challenging for him to stop a small snail attempting to throw a ball of junk). He used to be Mr. J's pet but he ran away at age .6.
Mr. Evilsnail

Mr. Evilsnail

General Information    
Height 0'3"
Age 2
Gender Male
Species Snailo ordinari


There really isn't much to say in this section. But, I'll go ahead and fill it.

This character was added in late as a filler character for Agent Broque to fight. Since there were no open villians, we invented one at the last minute. It fits alright, I guess.

Character HistoryEdit

Mr. Evilsnail knew he wanted to be an evilsnail at age .5.

He ran away from Mr. J at age .6.

He built his first -snailinatormachinething at age .7.

Other thingsEdit

  • Mr. Evilsnail likes to disguise as a regular snail and then do something evil.
  • He has a brother named Mr. Nicesnail.
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