Mr. Explore Explores! is T.V. show hosted by Mr. Explore. It is about him exploring many verses. It is a highly rated show that everyone actually likes, unlike Evil News Network and some others. Mr. Explode is also part of the show, so 39% of the show is about him.

Example Episode (episode 23) Edit

Mr. Explore: Hey guys! Mr. Explore here! I'm visiting the Extraverse right now!

Unknown man: Are we there yet?

Mr. Explore: I'm on my rocket ship, armed with weapons, Mr. Explode, and my lucky hat!

Mr. Explode: It's so ugly!

Unknown man: I'm supposed to be on vacation!

Some other guy: Is that my laptop out there?

Mr. Explore: Oh, hey! We are here!

(Rocket lands on giant clock)

Mr. Explore: Well, you can see that there's lots of... junk.

Mr. Explode: BLOW IT UP!

M. Explore: No! you might damage the enviroment!

Mr. Explode: Who cares?!

(A few minutes later)

Mr. Explode: Mff Mf mmmf!

Mr. Explore: Apparently, this is a bad tourist spot. No food, no parties, no-

Unknown Man: This is not our destination!

(Episode cut, because most of the time they were fighting about tourism)