Mr. Gotomovies likes to go to movies. He has seen every movie that ever came out as soon as it came out. He constantly walks around, looking for new movies, and wearing 3D glasses. Whenever a new movie comes out, he has to be the first to see it. He goes to buy popcorn and sits in the front row. Recently, however, Joe is at every movie that Mr. Gotomovies watches. Then, Joe pretends to have a muscle spasm and "accidentally" knocks down Mr. Gotomovie's popcorn. This annoyed Mr. Gotomovies so much that he started just renting the newest movies from Flixnet and watches them at home. Somehow, Joe managed to get into Mr. Gotomovie's house to have a muscle spasm there, too. As you can probably tell, Mr. Gotomovies is not particularly fond of Joe anymore.