Mr. Hazmat is the leader of the Animal Agents Agency and first in command. He wears a hazmat suit, just in case. He is Berry's superior and creates inventions for the agency that usally end in -ray. He stands at 5'10" and has just turned 34. No one really knows who is under the hazmat suit, but surprisingly few people have actually tried to find out.
Mr. Hazmat

Mr. Hazmat

General Information
Height 5' 10"
Age 34
Gender Male
Species Homo ordinari (probably)


Mr. Hazmat grew up in a rich family that wanted him to be a businessman but he never liked that job. After going to the "Academy" (oh noes), he chose to work at the Animal Agents Agency. He didn't work as agent because he's not an animal. Instead, he was the assistant director. After Mr. LeaderoftheAnimalAgentsAgency (yes, all in one) mysteriously disapeared one day (no, Mr. Hazmat didn't do it; he's a nice guy), Mr. Hazmat had to take over. Under his leadership, the AAA become evden more successful and now delievers pizza and does secret missions to foil evil plans (they used to only deliver pizza). They have also disguised themselves as a hotel rating company.

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