Mr. Internet isn't so much a person but a way of travel. It's illegal to not have a Mr. Internet station wherever there's wi-fi available, with the exception of private areas. Its basically a box with a door and a monitor on it. The monitor displays who's coming towards this station and who's leaving it. You get free internet transportation unless the bandwith is two bars or less (bandwith can be from -2 to 7 bars) in which you will have to pay $5.99. You must navigate the internet yourself but there are signs on each door located in an incredibly large space (larger than the infinitiverse) that tell you where the door leads. There is no gravity in the internet so you can float around to wherever you need to go. It is reccomended that you bring your own method of transportation (like a jetpack) or else you will have to walk-swim (which takes a relatively long time in a space larger than the infinitiverse). Mr. Journalist uses Mr. Internet to get to good news spots.