Mr. J is the owner of Eastern AutoPark. He has a professional, uptight, military grade strategy that he uses to do better than Mr. B. He resembles a vending machine. He doesn't seem to mind people being late as long as they do their job but does not approve of unproductivity. He also is the kind of person who holds grudges for a really long time.

Mr. J

Mr. J

General Information
Height 5' 11"
Age 37
Gender Male
Species Machinus vendus
Base Character Gene


Came in late after the fact that Mr. B had a monopoly on the technological park management industry was realized.

Character HistoryEdit

He used to play the violin.

He started the Eastern AutoPark business in 1994.

In 2002 the company was tied with Technopark for generated revenue.

In 2003 he attempted to take over Technopark but failed.

He plans to (try to) take over again sometime in April 2015 (yes, he's the kind of person who holds grudges for a really long time).

Mr. Delightful's NotesEdit

  • Takes good care of his employees.
  • Is a no good son of a sandwich.
  • Does not like us.

Other Things/Trivia & SchtuufEdit

  • He has a high school rival (Mr. B) who has a corporation called Technopark.
  • He has many unnamed workers that make more money than the workers at Technopark.
  • He secretly likes Katherine.
  • His dispenser flap denotes whether or not he is considered wearing anything or not. Down is alright, up is less alright.
  • 1/7 of his snacks are infused with arsenic.
  • He calls Mr. Delightful Sr. with a new insult each week for him to throw at his employees.




Love InterestsEdit

  • Katherine
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