Mr. Know knows everything there is to know. He also has squarish glasses that he supports with his mind.

Every day Mr. Interview asks Mr. Know who the Secret Creator is, why he won't tell, and if his fake warrant is acceptable to let him search the premises for clues. Mr. Know then always pretends that he is one of Mr. Know's (fake) cousins and that Mr. Know is not here right now. You can see him in the background on the right side, wearing a mustache (Mr. Know's cousin). On a typical day, Joe also has to confront Mr. Know for the date and temperature (due to Joe's random calendar and water-based thermometer).


  • Mr. Know lives on the 38th floor of Joe Evil Zincorporated.
  • Mr. Know knows everything.
  • He has many (fake) cousins.

What Mr. Know Knows (examples)Edit

  • The secret identity of the Secret Creator
  • What Mr. Random looks like at any given time
  • How to use telekinesis
  • What to do to beat Bob at anything
  • How to lose to Joe
  • How to trick Mr. Interview
  • When to get free mustaches at The Phony Bologna Mustache Emporium
  • The secret location of the Huiverse
  • The date, time, and temperature during any part of the day
  • the meanings of the disclosed words on this page
  • everyone's birthday
  • all the infinite numbers of pi
  • Where he got those glasses
and many other things...
Mr. Know

Mr. Know

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