Mr. Lucky is the luckiest person ever. He live on the 31st floor of the Joe Evil Zincorporated building.

An average day of Mr. Lucky's lifeEdit

Mr. Lucky wakes up pleasantly as the sun shines into his window at 8 a.m. Joe goes to his door to collect the room fee, but is distracted once again and forgets to collect it from Mr. Lucky. Mr. Lucky takes the elevator down and it doesn't get stuck. He then walks outside, but then remembers that he needs to buy a watch. He bends down and picks up the wallet lying on the ground and then walks toward the Watch Store. He is the 1000th customer and gets the watch free. Mr. Murder creeps up behind him, takes a gun, and shoots. In that moment, Mr. Lucky spots a 999 carat diamond on the ground and gently picks it up. The bullet misses. He then goes to his job. At his job, he is the security guy for a fully automated house. So, he just sits back, enjoys the fully automated house, and is happy about getting $500 per hour for this easy job. After a while, he goes back home. He enters the Joe Evil Zincorporated Building and takes the elevator again, which still doesn't crash. He opens his door just a the phone rings. He answers it and finds out that he has won a cruise (and the ship) in a contest that he didn't even enter. He happily lies down in his bed and falls asleep.

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