Mr. Nicesnail is a friendly snail. He is Mr. B's pet and goes with him to work everyday. Unfortunately for him, he is a late sleeper and is therefore often screamed at by Mr. B. Believe it or not, he actually gives Mr. B some good tips on how to run the company.

Mr. Nicesnail

Mr. Nicesnail

General Information
Height 0'3"
Age 2.1
Gender Male
Species Snailo ordinari


He was added at stage 3 along with his brother, Mr. Evilsnail.

Character HistoryEdit

At age .4, Mr. B found him huddled up in a street corner and decided to keep him.

At age 1.1, he suggested hiring Randy and Birdley.

Other thingsEdit

  • Mr. B gave him the employee of the month award once, even though he's not officially an employee.
  • He has a brother named Mr. Evilsnail.
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