Mr. Polite, Mr. Awkward, and Mr. Talkative were at a meeting. While Mr. Talkative had to use the bathrrom, Mr. Polite and Mr. Awkward tried to start a conversation. Phil Ming filmed it.

WARNING!: Extra awkward conversation ahead!


Mr. Polite: Hello.

Mr. Awkward: Hello.

(awkward silence)

Mr. Polite: How are you doing today?

Mr. Awkward: I am doing fine. Thank you. How are you doing today?

Mr. Polite: I am doing very well. Thank you.

(longer awkward silence)

Mr. Awkward: So... nice weather we're having today.

Mr. Polite: Yes, it's not too warm, not too cold...

Mr. Awkward: I guess you can call it "temperate".

Mr. Polite: Yes, I guess so.

(extremely long awkward silence)

At that point, Phil Ming fell asleep so we don't have the rest. But don't worry, you're not missing much.