Remarkably similar to Mr. Accuse, although he has a longer temper and often doesn't care whether he's correct or not. He predicts various things, as his name implies, but more so often the weather or what time something will happen. His average correctness ratio is 6%.

General Information
Height 5' 11"
Age 29
Gender Male
Species Homo ordinari


Mr. Predict was added shortly after Mr. Accuse.

Character HistoryEdit

In 1983, Mr. Predict predicted that the world would end in 1972.

In 1996, he predicted it would rain. It was sunny for 12 weeks straight after that.

In 2004, he predicted that the Baloni Sandwiches Business would go out of favor and die. Baloni sandwiches were everyone's favorite food for five years after that prediction.

In 2012, he predicted that the Mayans were wrong. He was right. Then he predicted that that the world was going to end the day after. He was less right.

Other Things/TriviaEdit

  • Mr. Predict's best friend is Mr. Accuse, and his second best friend is Mr. Direct.
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