Mr. Unlucky is very unlucky. He has an unlucky adventure each day.

A Day In The Life Of Mr. UnluckyEdit

Mr. Unlucky woke up one morning only to find that he had forgotten to pay his room fee and had Joe kick him out the window. After falling 13 stories he lands on the ground. Mr. Dropflowervases was quick to the draw and proceeded to drop a flower vase on his head. Just then, a car ran him over when he was crossing the street and he swore only to find that it was Mr. Appropriate who then sent him to jail. In jail it was meatloaf Tuesday so he vomited on the toughest person there who beat him up. At the end of the day he was released from prison but they had sold his things to the Phony Bologna Mustache Emporium. He went to the Emporium expecting to find his things but the owner had already auctioned them off to Mr. Know. Mr. Unlucky figured Mr. Know had known he was coming for his things so he went to Joe Evil Zincorporated. When he went in the elevator it got stuck in between the 13th and 20th floors so he had to wait 12 hours for Joe to blow up the elevator so he could get out. He still had to walk up many flights of stairs but when he got to Mr. Know's room he wasn't there. He went inside and looked out the window but Mr. Dropflowervases scored again and he fell 38 stories into Mr. Cactusdeliverer's cactus truck to accompany Joe. After getting free from the cactus he decided it was best to just go home. Being careful as to not take the elevator this time, he walks up many flights of stairs and enters his room. It's been robbed by Joe so he just pulls out his computer from under his carpet and starts it. It refuses to start up so he attempts to plug it in to the next outlet but the cord isn't long enough so he has to go to the lobby and buy an extension cord for lots of money. When he goes back up he finally gets to get started on his room fee document and works on it for the majority of the night. When he's almost done the power goes out and he loses all his work. He decides he'll just type it up tomorrow and goes to bed. After five minutes of sleep his alarm goes off and he wakes up only to to see Joe waiting for the room fee document.