Mrs. Computergirl is a robot. She was built in the 20th century, like R0B3RT (1988, to be more exact).

General Information
Height 5' 8"
Age 24
Gender Female
Species Machinus ordinari
Mrs. Computergirl

Mrs. Computergirl


Mrs. Computergirl was added early to decrease the apparent gender bias. She became the first female character.

Character HistoryEdit

She was made in 1988 in Switzerland (not the Switzerland on Earth).

When she was 12, R0B3RT asked her out on a date and she accepted.

At age 20, she married R0B3RT.

At age 21, she gave birth to Chip.

But R0B3RT's happiness was not to last because she divorced him at age 22, making him a single father.

She then got married to Geoffrey and had her second son, S43LD0N at age 23.

Other Things/TriviaEdit

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