Information Edit

You've all heard of plants. They're those greenish photosynthesis machines that annoyingly appear wherever they feel like, though they are also quite pretty sometimes.

These are not plants.

Appearance Edit

Negative plants are often excessively thorny (almost like Velcro) and grey. Though they grow best in low-water environments such as deserts and thrive only at extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), they have slowly been migrating towards more temperate climates. Their size varies between species.

Function Edit

All negative plants are carnivores, though they have been known to consume plant life in low-meat environments. Every negative plant works to convert precious oxygen and water into carbon dioxide, in addition to taking whatever hazardous chemicals an organism contains and depositing it into the soil to drive away competing plants.

Additional Oddities Edit

  • Negative plants have shown response to music and typically grow best under the soothing sounds of heavy metal or professional doorbell ringing.
  • Negative plants cannot be killed with standard pesticides.
  • It is widely believed that the migration of negative plants towards populated areas has to do with sentience.
  • Negative trees are filled with caustic liquid and cannot be cut down by any existing woodcutting tool.
  • Birnam Wood is the best known negative forest. Over the span of 500 years it moved to the Hill of Dunsinane and consumed the occupants residing in the castle.
  • According to eyewitnesses who discovered the negative plant, watching it consume something is cited as "the most mortifying experience there is".
  • Negative plants can indeed produce negative fruits. Most negative fruits are poisonous, but some, such as the Unfruit and Joefruit, just taste terrible or have no taste at all.
  • Negative plants originated from the Alienaverse.