The Nopreferenceinator is a form of roulette where you have theoretically good chances. It is a box with two automated guns inside. It "randomly" selects the gun you will be shot with if you pick that gun. You can either pick the left or right gun and if you pick the selected gun, you get shot. If you don't say anything or say you have no preference then it shoots you with both guns and that's not any better. However, if you do pick the gun it didn't select you are free to go and get an $11 prize ($11 is a lot in the Meniverse). Unfortunately the "random" selection isn't random at all: Joe waits for you to say something, and then he picks the one that you said. Thus it is not a very effective way to make money.

If any of you think you can break the system and win the $11 then tell us how in the comments below.

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