R0B3RT is a robot of the 20th century. Although he was made in 1986, he is a more futuristic model than all robots of the same time period. He has five buttons on his head (3 on the right and 2 on the left) and a nameplate that can be removed with a screwdriver. The three right buttons are mode buttons (Mechanical Mode, Intelligent Mode, Un-Mode) and the two left buttons are auto-manual buttons. He has control over when he is on or off and does not require an outlet because he is powered by batteries (rechargable ones work too). Within the nameplate there are a number of things, which are discussed more in detail in the robot page, but he has one thing that no other robot does (probably): a Valentine's Day card from Mrs. Computergirl.

General Information
Height 4' 9"
Age 26
Gender Male
Species Machinus regularus
Base Character Bobert


It's hard to remember when we added him. I think it was after Mr. Robot became a stale idea in Stage 1.

Character HistoryEdit

The Backstory (of DOOM!)Edit

R0B3RT is the result of a secret mission, Joe's lack of intelligence, and two other robots.

One day, Berry arrived at Joe Evil Zincorporated. He broke into the 40th floor and saw Joe's inator: the Createrobotsinator (actually made by Dr. Scmirtzendoof; Joe just found it). Berry crossed out the correct labels next to the buttons and rewrote the opposite label in its place (and "down with Joe" near the bottom). Then when Berry left, Joe walked in and pressed the button labeled "evil" (actually the nice button) and the Createrobotsinator began to create a nice robot. This robot was R0B3RT. However, when Joe left to get his Evil brand coffee, the Trytofixthingsinator saw that this was not Joe's intention (it's Joe's first ever quasi-security system) and promptly tried to make R0B3RT evil by donating his own half set of chromosome-blueprints. His attempt was only partially successful and R0B3RT became partially evil (and male).

What You're Used to Seeing in This SectionEdit

R0B3RT went to Mixed Culture School like everyone else at the same time as Bob and Joe.

When he was 12, he almost exploded after being stuck in a bookshelf and almost killed Bob and Joe .

When he was 14, he asked Mrs. Computergirl (Ms. at the time) out for a date and was successful.

When he was 23, he had his only son (Chip ).

Mrs. Computergirl divorced him when he was 24 for Geoffrey.

Trivia and StuffEdit

  • R0B3RT has a job at the Museum of Technological and Artificial History.
  • He has a son.
  • He has the ability to self destruct.
  • He has emotions.


  • He's been introduced to Catherine before.
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