In the Inifinitiverse Grand Dictionary, robot is defined as

robot (n.) - an inorganic machine that is not human yet capable of exerting human functions or actions

This basically says three things that are the requirements for being a robot. You must:

  1. be inorganic
  2. be a machine
  3. be capable of exerting human functions or actions


A robot tends to follow a structure, iternally that is. In their NDH (numerical data helix) there are six symbols, 0, 1, A, B, [, and ]. The helix is read in a line through a scanner to determine the seed for the genes. [ says to start compiling and ] says to stop. It's really complex and we haven't figured it out yet, but that's how the seed is made.

Once the seed is made the alleles from the parents are referenced to find the correct model, class, personality, and change factor.

The alleles are either dominant or subdominant. Subdominant alleles are present sometimes in the end result. Two subdominant alleles is equal to a dominant allele.

Dominant alleles:

  • N (nice)
  • R (round)
  • S (static)
  • A (Class A)

Subdominant alleles:

  • e (evil)
  • q (square)
  • d (dynamic)
  • b (Class B)

There are 64 possible combinations of these alleles.

The seed comes in around the model. There are 9,007,199,254,740,992 (2^53) submodels for each model (P, Q, or R).


Gender is determined by the X and Y chromosome, but the Z chromosome is unused.

XX is female and XY is male. It is unknown what YY is because nobody has tried it before.

When a robot is purposefully compiled, it has a single X chromosome. After 10 minutes of idleness this chromosome is copied causing an exact replica of the single parent.

Characters That Qualify As RobotsEdit

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