Not to be confused with the Secret Crater.

Description Edit

Not much is known about the Secret Creator. He is Bob and Joe's father. He is the son of Leia Organic and Han Soda. He lives in the Secretiverse. Only a few people know his secret identity which is the biggest secret of the Infinitiverse. He is one of the most important characters, but we know very few about him.

General Information
Height Secret
Age Secret
Gender Secret
Species Unknown, but there's a 1 in 14 chance he's Homo ordinari.

Character HistoryEdit

It's a secret. Secretly.
Secret Creator

Secret Creator

Other ThingsEdit

  • Secretly the discoverer of Element 492,583,598,393,281 (Secretium).
  • Secretly married to Beth and used to be married to Jessica.
  • His economy produces the most advanced technology in the infinitiverse, but nobody knows.
  • Secretly, he was born in the Starwarsiverse.

People who know his secret identityEdit

  • Beth: She is his wife so he knows.
  • Bob: The Secret Creator told him.
  • Han Soda: Han Soda is the Secret Creator's father so he knows. He hasn't even told his wife, Leia Organic, though.
  • Mr. Know: He knows everything.
  • Mr. Evil: He bullied the Secret Creator in high school and took off his mask.

Joe used to know, but he forgot.

Mr. Interview might figure it out someday.

Jessica used to know, but she died.

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