Sir is an englishman with heavyset belief on the ways of Greatester Britain. He comes from a very interesting childhood.

He has a monocle, top hat, and curly mustache.

Past LifeEdit

Sir has literally no records of anything before the age of twelve, not even a name. Because of this, he wandered about the streets of Engterrain for several years, doing odd jobs for low pay. He never left Greatester Britain, and as he observed the culture he thought it was the only culture there was. One day in 1966, the fourth centennial royal parade was in town. King Gnik, who started ruling in 1566 on his 144th birthday, was the centerpiece. Sir went to go see it. Eventually King Gnik, by tradition, had to knight somebody. By complete random chance, Sir was selected from the crowd of billions. As he walked up onto the stage at the end of the road, King Gnik asked his name.

"What's your name, boy?"

"I don't have one, sorry."


King Gnik took the royal meterstick and proceeded with the knighting process.

"Rise... uh... SIR!"

The crowd went wild and Sir became the nation's most interesting man. It wasn't long before the news was all over the Infinitiverse, and Sir quickly discovered there was a world outside of Greatester Britain. His observant nature made him very curious about everything.

"So you're telling me that people here drive on the... right side of the road?"

"They seriously call chips 'fries' here?"

"What's a tic-tac-toe?"

Current LifeEdit

Sir tours the Infinitiverse with King Gnik to see all the amazing and less amazing cultural structures. He frequently questions their ability to function because of how different everything is from Greatester Britain.

Future LifeEdit

In 2066 King Gnik resigned from his position (and then died unexpectedly) and gave it to Sir, who was found to be his only heir from a cloning incident. King Gnik was the only king to resign from duties for 1200 years after that, until Mr. Resign set a record for shortest term as king. Sir ruled for 4600 years total until he died in 6666 due to his shipment of life-extending pills arriving from the future late.

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