The Autostove is an invention that mysteriously appeared in the market in 2009. As an experimental product, it gained a massive following. The technology behind it, however, is a different story.

At its base level of function the Autostove utilizes similar technology as a microwave, only with much higher energies of light. However, the product neglected a top or sides so that it could be used as a portable stove. This, unsurprisingly, made it practically useless. All it does is irradiate whatever you try to heat up. This made it a must-have component in all homemade nuclear reactors. Thankfully it did not have a hefty pricetag; it cost only $200 on the unbiased market.

Its inception occured in late 2009 where it was advertised as "the best new way to cook in style". Because it was never patented, in 2011 when it went off the shelves for good, they were resold at much higher prices of up to $60K for use in professional privately owned nuclear power plants.

There is one that still works on display in the Bob Museum of All History, where live demonstrations are given daily.