Description Edit

The Chairman belongs to the most important people in the entire Infinitiverse. In fact, he was voted among the Top 10 Most Influential People in the Infinitiverse. He is also a criminal, technically, but not for infamous reasons (only potential ones).

He is a member of The Nonexistence Committee.

The Chairman has never actually been seen by anybody in person and there are speculations that he doesn't even exist, though the Nonexistence Committee assures everyone regularly.

Function in the Committee Edit

The Chairman owns the Infiniplex 413 as a simulation. It simulates everything, and basically what this means is that the simulation is self-aware, because we are the simulation. He mostly runs simulations, and then tells The Adjustment Agency to take care of anything that he doesn't appreciate.

He writes what is supposed to happen in his notebook, which has infinite pages. Things have yet to have gone not according to plan, however (or have they?).

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