Nonexistence Committee Photo

Not pictured: The Chairman, The Creator and CoCreator of Everything


The Nonexistence committee is very powerful and is funded by an infinite amount of money from an unknown source (the Secret Creator, maybe). It has many members and controls who and what exists at the present moment. Budget cuts are made frequently and people may cease to exist.

People are generally seated in a circle around a central table or at rectangular tables facing the front of the room. On days when the seating arrangement is rectangular, there has been a change in budget and therefore something will either start existing or cease existing. Exactly what is up to the committee members.


Each member has a role in the system.

Member RolesEdit

  • Bob, the main verse owner and nicest person alive, has to make the nicest choice.
  • The Chairman owns the computer on which the ENTIRETY OF EVERYTHING is run as a huge simulation.
  • Mr. Nonexist provides valuable input on the consequences and morality issues surrounding spontaneous nonexistence.
  • The Secret Creator secretly monitors the meeting, and even leaks some extremely dangerous information about the nature of the simulation.
  • Mr. Nothere actively simulates what it's like to not have someone be (t)here.
  • The Creators of Everything work with Bob to find out what should and should not exist.
  • Mr. Balance can balance anything. His work has been put to use on unstable economies and systems everywhere. Here he explains how to keep the infinitiverse from collapsing while balancing on one foot.
  • The ETC has one job: pull the plug on the computer when everything has gone wrong and there is no solution. This, however has never happened.

Needless to say, this committee is very important.