The Presidential Debate 3 is a debate between Obama and Romney. Phil Ming filmed it.


(Obama and Romney have their podiums again, but their iPads were discovered and confiscated)

Obama: And so the economy...

Romney: ...may not be doing well...

Obama: But it's not my fault! Bob, explain that it's not my fault!

Bob: It's your debate, and I can't pick sides.

Romney: It clearly is your fault! You let the terrorist group El Queso slip through the United Plates and right into Canadia!

Obama: Well if it is to be my fault, then I have no choice but to blame it on Romney by letting El Queso go through his state!

Romney: (surprised look) What?!

Bob: Calm down eveybody, they just stole a few lollipops --

Mr. Delightful: I was wondering who pickpocketed me!

Obama: See, it's all Romney's fault that that kind sir was pickpocketed.

Romney: No, Bob, explain that it's not my fault --

Obama: It IS your fault, you bumbling idiot! You caused a poor man to get pickpocketed --

Bob: You can't keep doing this --

Romney: Well you are a terrible president by letting El Queso get into Canadia.

Obama: Well then, we have no choice but to blow it up.

Romney: I couldn't agree more.

Bob: The citizens of Canadia won't be happy about that.

Obama and Romney: Nobody cares about the citizens of Canadia!

Obama: I will go launch the nuclear armageddon now!

Romney: Me too!

(Obama and Romney walk off stage)

(Sound of missiles launching)

(Obama and Romney walk back on stage)

(Obama pulls out iPad)

Romney: But we had those confiscated!

Obama: Anyone want to play Happy Birds Multiplayer?

Phil Ming: I do!

(Phil Ming begins playing Happy Birds Multiplayer with Obama)

(Romney frowns)

Romney: I want my iPad!

Obama: (still playing) You should have gotten it when you had the chance. They were hidden in the microwave.

Bob: (sighs) I'll never understand politics.

Mr. Delightful: (to audience) Can I borrow seven dollars?

(end of The Presidential Debate 3)

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These debates do not represent any political opinion of us. It is meant to be humorous, not insultive.